Our Story

Our story starts with the name VELVET IMPERIAL 

Our story unfolds with our founder Vaibhav Sharma realising his love for top-quality of fashion jewellery for women that not only makes them feel gorgeous but also instils the right push of confidence. A happy-go-lucky restless soul from, New Delhi,

Vaibhav always dreamt of owning his own jewellery brand one day. When his love, driven by the pursuit of the craft, a fixation with detail, a devotion to beauty & a dream to build something authentic finally met, VELVET IMPERIAL was born!

Welcome to Velvet Imperial- A luxury fashion jewellery brand, INSPIRED BY WOMEN 

The name we coined, directs to luxury from the finest touch of “velvet” and “imperial” leading us straight to Royalty.

The urban chic jewellery brand where luxury dominates, practicality comes to play, and elegance is the prime focus! 


Since the beginning, Velvet Imperial has been committed to conducting our business responsibly, sustaining the natural environment and positively impacting the communities in which we operate. We have made dedicated efforts to responsibly source the materials we use in our jewellery.

Our entire team has employed their expertise and experience, personally selecting every stone and diamond – presiding over every step of its journey. No stage is bypassed. No shortcuts are taken. Only perfection matters.

We use top-notch quality of AAA+ american diamonds and australian diamonds. Apart from this our products are coated under high resistible 18k gold polish which includes a rhodium enhancer coat also that particular coat keeps the polish long-lasting. 

Having the world’s best raw material at our disposal gives our design atelier a creative opportunity to create extraordinary jewellery. Beyond the whims of fashion, our designs are known for their luxurious feel, their immaculate balance and proportion, and their sensuous, feminine energy.


INNOVATION – We are continually open to new thoughts & concepts, be it in terms of our unique designs, external communications or internal systems. We believe it is of paramount significance to keep evolving with time in order to become the best version of ourselves.

PROMISE- We commit to providing our customers with the best quality, price and designs across our offerings and always strive to provide outstanding service that would keep them delighted.

COMMUNITY – We believe in the strength of community and inclusive growth. Each individual associated with the brand, be it our team, customers, influencers or suppliers & manufacturers is incredibly essential to us and we believe in creating long-lasting relationships leading to everyone’s growth along with us.

HONESTY – We as a brand, like to maintain utmost transparency about our products and services. All pictures we use are of the actual product and clear elements of materials, size, components and functions are provided to avoid any confusion. We believe in fair trade practices and guarantee no harm is done to any human or animal during the process.


Our truth is the pursuit of beauty, by way of understated luxury.

“I grew up on a healthy diet of fashion content and was lucky enough to start my education in Fashion and Lifestyle Business management at Pearl Academy, New Delhi.  After working on a startup idea during my college days and researching thoroughly about the need for a premium fashion jewellery brand in the market that not only has top-notch quality but benchmark designs and packaging, I transitioned to jewellery and learnt about it the best way – by my own.

Crazily enough, I’ve found what I love the most. At VELVET IMPERIAL, I’m able to translate my love for fashion into the more enduring legacy of fine fashion jewellery. And along with it,  I’m able to celebrate the women of our society and their contribution to this world.”