The Pantone Colour Of The Year invariably provokes a buzz, and this year’s shade ups the fashion industry that’s already playing around with the shades. In this blog, we explain how to add it to your very own wardrobe

The entire fashion market welcomed this lovechild of violet and blue — a hue that serves flawlessly to the taste and aesthetic of the Millenials. Pantone defined Very Peri as a “colour whose bold and fearless existence promotes individual innovation and creativity.” Framing the concept further, they explain that the colour was developed by “circling the qualities of the blues, yet, at the same time, including a violet-red undertone” all of which gives Very Peri “a spritely, cheerful attitude and vibrant actuality.”

What is Veri Peri?

Veri Peri is a neutral hue of purple that includes plenty of grey styles, which implies it’s effortless to pair and style with most colours, unlike virgin purple, punchy violet or pastel lavender, this shade is approachable and will look flattering on anyone and everyone who wear it. As with avocado green and sage, Veri Peri will be the next one to top the charts all over Pinterest and Instagram mood boards. 

A Style Guide with Veri Peri

  1. Polka-dot print midi dress from Zara  

This polka-dotted midi dress from Zara is beyond gorgeous and stylish. It has an elegant square neckline and brief, puffed sleeves that amp up the entire look. 

Accessorize it with: Exquisite Dangle Diamond Earrings

  1. A casual ribbed blouse and bucket hap

A casual blouse and ball cap look stunning in colours of unduly peri. The ribbed silhouette works with a dainty pattern all over for feminine charm while the neckline coupled with buttons lends a playful finish. 

Accessorize it with: Natural Pearl Disc With Silver Roman Necklace Set

  1. An Ultra Chic Pantsuit

Turn up the glam quotient with this stunning pantsuit in the gorgeous veri peri hues. Stun the fashion police with this ultra-chic sartorial choice as you boast of an envious wardrobe and leave all of them swooning.

Accessorize it with: Adjustable White Pearl Ring

  1. Satin Party Dress

This gorgeous outfit is the attire to wear to your Birthday party and to all the other glam events you’ll be attending this 2022. It features a longer skirt and a gorgeous neckline that completes such a stunning look. The dress also has a lace-up back for a seductive surprise. Plus, the lower part hugs your curves so nicely, that you’ll most likely be the eye candy for the night.

Accessorize it with: Elite Leaf Design Diamond Necklace Set

  1. A Halter JumpSuit

This outfit is sure to be a Head turner. Certainly, this outfit in one of the most gorgeous veri peri attires that will make you feel look like a diva, straight out of a glam night.

Accessorize it with: Chic Rage Diamond Set

To help you bring that “spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence” into your daily wardrobe, we hope our round-up of clothes and accessories in very peri will be your new favourite obsession.

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