About Us

We at Velvet Imperial are a new age luxury and contemporary fashion jewellery brand based in Delhi. Our designs are inspired by the modern changing statement of fashion. We believe in making it simple yet significant. Our brand offers everything from subtle, timeless jewellery to go-glam flamboyant and ornate pieces. Our aim is to present unique and exquisite designs that scream elegance to our clients. With over 500+ imperial designs. Our pieces come with superior aesthetics that blend effortlessly with your contemporary wardrobe.

Our identity lies in the very essence of our name, VELVET IMPERIAL. Our sumptuous collection of the very best jewellery comes with the indulgence associated with velvet fabric and it’s feel. The perfect elements used for creating our stunning pieces, statement jewellery and luxury packaging, impart an IMPERIAL experience and a royal aesthetic to anyone who wears it. 

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide irresistible value to our customers by ensuring that every product is

in vogue, best priced and delivered to your doorstep in perfect condition. As we all know, wearing jewellery is all about luxury touch and feel, when it is about Velvet Imperial, it is about  royalty, luxury added with practicality.

Our Motto

“Bright, Bold, Beautiful”

We ensure that our customers feel the plush towards their fashion statement.

Velvet Imperial was created to put forward the right affordable luxury to women enamoured with fine fashion jewellery. Our designs are inspired by new-age women who are slaying with confidence and their bold yet beautiful fashion statement.

Our Quality promise

Not every jewellery shopping experience is a smooth experience. Most of the time when it comes to buying fashion jewellery online, the product doesn’t match your expected quality.

However, at Velvet Imperial, the most pivotal factor is quality assurance. Our attention to detail makes sure that each and every product is made of the highest superior quality.  It goes under the quality check team while packing every single product. Our products are made and double-checked with a focus on every possible curve, beads, and diamond that we use.

Why choose us?

We believe that the right jewellery has the power to transform both your outfit and your outlook.

At Imperial velvet, we strive to get all the unique and distinct fashion jewellery for a woman who deserves nothing but just the best. Regardless of your skin tone, body weight, hairstyle or where you come from, we have kickass options to suit your preference and taste. Our team is passionately working to make your purchase stress-free and setting a benchmark in quality check so that you get fresh and genuine products. We also believe in experimenting with various other materials and presenting them in a matchless- unique style.